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Hi everyone. So I'm trying the floss method. I'm 4 days in and it started as the size of a raisin and has swollen to the size of a flat grape. The pain sucks! Just bought some Oragel. Hoping it helps! I'm ready to just ice it and cut it off! Ugh!

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I just grabbed a pair of scissors and cut mine off. Cleaned it with alcohol and then betadine. It's still bleeding like a stuck pig but it'll heal. I wasn't messing around with it. Plus, it just came up in the past 3 days and it's already gone!


What? Cut it off? Does it hurt?


hi, my worry is over my head. My anal skin tag will show outside once in a while and will shrink back inside.. last time it peeped out again, i think it increaded in size but when i defecate tonight it shrink back inside my anus. I felt relief. Should i stop worrying now?

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