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Here is my two cents since I promised myself to write a post if I got better. Over night developed golf sized abcess just next to anus on the right side but elongated so it mortified penis musceles too. Swelling got bigger and there was some bleeding. I had a case of hemmorhoides couple of months ago.

I stated googleing and got relly worried about surgery and long recovery. Then I found this site and first tried garlic+onio+apple cider vinegar applied with gause that burned for one hour. Next I would take a warm bath and try turmeric+tea tree oil applied overnight and sure enough: instant relief, swelling decreased overnight and became softer. It is still big, bu I can at least endure weekend and continue with the process since many of you say that surgery didn't help. Please share this, If you had this pain you know you owe it to sameone else who told you. And live more healthy in the future!

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How much tea tree oil and turmeric. Did you make a paste with it?


Pinch of turmeric and about 5 drops of tea tree oil. Coconut oil is for lubrication and soothing. Cover with wet cleenex. Remove after couple hours, wash, repeat if you can. If not just coconut oil and cleenex. Puss came out after coupe of days, still comming, but swelling decreased substantially.


Did anyone have pain in groin and penis on the side of abcess i am freaking out. The turmeric and tea tree oil help open the abcess and relief in pain but the penile pain is still present.

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