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So, for as long as I can remember I've had really bad teeth. I'm 29 now, and my bottom back molar decided it was time to start to hurt earlier this week, like last Sunday night. I stayed up with it, tried to brush them, it helped for a little while. I used Colgate Optic White mouth wash, it worked a little while longer, but not long enough to crash. I tried otc pain med, usually that works for it, but not this time. I heard tobacco on the tooth worked, so I decided to try it, yeah it numbed my tooth, longer than the others, but not enough. I ended up brushing again, a bit harder, and that helped the most. I also decided to try a cold compress, and I ended falling asleep with said compress. I was fine until Saturday when I ate some pizza, I had a small piece of my tooth chip off, it was weak to begin with. My tooth started hurting again. I ended up doing the same thing, minus falling asleep with the cold compress, and the tobacco. didn't really work this time. I remember reading on here about tea bags, I have all different kinds, from Green to fruit flavored. I used the green and it numbed it the best. Anyway, I used saltwater, it worked for awhile, Garlic Salt water worked well as well, I ended up sleeping for about 2 hours until the store close by opened up again. I tried normal mouthwash, worked for awhile longer, where I could sleep for two more hours. I'm putting tea bags in my mouth, and I am trying oil pulling (Had to borrow some from a neighbor) Its working wonders, I swish the oil around for about 10-20 mins, yes I have to spit it out a lot, after I finish with that, I lightly brush my teeth, and use both mouth washes (The Colgate contains peroxide), then I swish around saltwater, I'm still taking Tylonal Arthritis strength, and Ibprophin, (not together, I take the Tylonal first, then about 1/2 before it ends, I take the Ibprohin, then when the IB is 1/2 over, its time for the Tylonal. Sorry for the spelling.) but a mix with the tea bags, oil pulling, the OTC meds, mouth wash, and the brushing, the pain has drastically dropped. Started at a 8 to a 2ish. Also I did pray about it, not sure which is working, maybe a combination of all of it, but I'm hoping to get more than 4 hours of sleep. I hope all of this helps someone as much as it has helped me. Good night guys, hope you all feel better soon.

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