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It worked!! Thanks to you guys! Yesterday morning, I awoke with the signs of a huge CS forming on my chin. Normally, no matter what I do, I get a monster the size of a quarter within a few days. I searched the internet for remedies and came across this jewel. I combined a number of remedies and it completely stopped! Today, I can see where it wanted to be -- it would have been huge, but there was no blistering, no raised skin, no scabbing. It is dead because of these remedies. So, I will; share what I did here: When I noticed the first sign of the skin change I took 500mg Zovirax and 4,000mg Lysine. Then, I immediately began icing. The realized from reading, I needed to put the ice directly on the CS, so I did. I iced for 30 min and then I zapped it with a 9V battery! I had never tried this technique. (DO NOT ZAP AFTER ICING! ZAP BEFORE ICING!) While I believe the battery may have been one of the main reasons the CS died, one of the nodes stuck to my frozen skin and pulled off a small hole from one of the connections. I used the battery two more times that day BEFORE icing and was fine. They Key with the battery is that your skin must be wet and zap one spot only for one second, then move the nodes, zap for a second in that place and keep moving the placement of the nodes every zap. I zapped it about 9 times each treatment. Then, I put on oregano oil with a Q tip and a bandaid over it for about an hour. Then I put egg whites on it. This seemed to really calm it! An hour later, I iced it. I was able to ice about 5 times yesterday. If I hadn't been working, I would have iced more. In the afternoon after driving in the hot sun some stress, it looked as though it might come out despite my efforts. So I went into the bathroom, used toilet paper saturated in water to drip water on my chin, then I zapped with the 9V. AFTER that, I iced it, then I put oregano oil on, let it sit for an hour with a bandaid over it, then put egg whites on... this totally neutralized it. I did this procedure one more time in the evening. I took another 4,000mg Lysine 8 hours after the first 4000 dose in the am, and 2000mg before bed. I also took another 500mg Zovirax in the afternoon and one in the evening, making three times of 500mg. Before sleeping, I put a mixture of collodial silver cream and 3 drops oregano oil on with a bandaid and let sit overnight. I woke up this morning and... there is no problemo! I am incredibly relieved that this worked! For the first time, I was able to stop one of these monsters and Ive been dealing with this for almost 20 years! There is hope. Take is t easy on your BO day and do these therapies quietly and serenely. Oh, I also drank 1 oz aloe vera juice 3x yesterday and 1 oz sea buckthorne juice 3x! Thanks everyone!

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