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I am a lady over 50 that likes to go hiking ...the first time I got Poison Oak rash was 8 years ago...It was mostly on my arms and ..I ...spread it to my face and legs later... Now...unfortunately ..I have gotten it 7 different times since....some strong.. some mild...and I was always trying to be prepared. For those of you that do not understand the whole mechanics of this plant...I will explain to you in simple terms what it is....( I am experienced)...The plant is 3 leaves together ( see pictures on a web site) is light green ...summer it is dark green...autumn it turns red...winter it becomes brown and can fall off and leave bare branches..

Also ..dead leaves can blow into piles of non toxic leaves and not be noticed. ALL OF THIS PLANT.. contains this oil..".Urushiol",..When it touches anything it will stick to cane....yard tools....What is it like ?.........poke a tooth pick

into some peanut butter...then wipe the tooth pick on a napkin 5 different places....each time you wipe.. it spreads less and less

By the time you have wiped it 8 times there is very little peanut butter on the last place wiped. This is what this oil is like but it is invisible....! And this is how you spread it on yourself..The first place it touches leaves the concentrated dose.. and will pop up between 24 and 48 hours later...also the other places you spread it to will pop up longer times as it becomes less concentrated. You cannot spread it to another person if the oil has been washed off...Only the oil can be spread.

The best thing to do when outdoors..where it may grow..wear long pants and covered shoes or boots..and yard gloves....long sleeves is good also... if it is not hot...or cut the toe off old socks and put them on exposed skin on your arms...

When you return from the woods...carefully remove all outdoor items and put them separate to be washed...

Now the gloves will help protect you from this oil...but if the oil is on the gloves and you rub your chin ...24 hours later a rash will appear..You have to pay attention as to what you touch and to remove items later that might have touched one small leaf..

You also need to wash off shoes with cold water and a grease cutter like Dawn Soap also tools or any other type object..the oil can stay there for several days.

If you by accident, your skin comes in contact with a twig and you are not sure if it is P.O.......within 10 or 15 min. you can use a degreaser and cold water to wash yourself off...don't use hot water and do not rub into skin..You want to wash off this oil as soon as possible to keep it from soaking into the least with cool water.......this is the first battle..

Always wash off first with cool water and a degreaser if possible no matter how long you have been in contact with this oil...Remember also ..if you hiked out for the day and come back to your car and touch your steering wheel with this oil....Later ...the next day ..THIS OIL WILL STILL ON YOUR STEERING WHEEL...You may then spread it to other places.... a day later without knowing it.

To be around this plant is like going to war...

NOW....Let's say 24 hours passed and a red rash appears...and you have bathed already before you realized you got P.O. You can follow all of the tips listed here on the web..with ointments and home remedies and some will work better for a lot of people and some won't. It all depends on a individuals own chemistry.. the best to alleviate the itching...which is an antihistamine but what I have done....and this depends on how much oil was on my skin at the time of contact...let's say on my arm...

Later I wash with a degreaser...and hot hot as I can take it..and pat dry...then spread medicated powder on the area...and if it is leaking I wrap in gauze and put on a clean cut out toe sock. If it is only a mild case...I leave it open to the air. I found that I have used heat from hot water ..or I use my hair dryer to blow over the may burn a bit and then have a big itch then back to burn and then I move the arm if it gets too hot...What this does is dries out the oils in the skin and also releases the natural histamines in your skin and calms the itching.

I mostly have been doing this when I found out in 24 hours I have P.O.

But I DO try to be careful when I go out into nature...Look at all plants you come in contact with and study pictures of this plant and know where it grows and avoid it as much as possible...

Where I have the most problem is a small brown twig or leaf gets stuck on my pants leg ...then after I remove my gloves and clothing..I have picked off this small leaf and tossed it....only to realize later....I made a big mistake........Soooo please be aware of Mother Nature she can get revenge sometimes........ Good Luck

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Thank you so much for the "cut the toe out of an old sock" trick!

I'm highly allergic and have been all my life. I've had it over 25 times.

Aveeno anti itch concentrated lotion with triple pay complex is an amazing product along with Apple cider vinegar and the strongest rubbing alcohol you can find, don't forget you'll need a bunch of gauze pads.

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