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I found that toilet bowl cleaner ( and not even the expensive ones) work for sooo many other things!

First, get over the fact that its toilet bowl cleaner..its a wasnt made with urine and dont even go there.

I have used it on rust stains on linolium, hard water and calcium on lots of different surfaces.

I had a clear plastic bowl for my pets drinking water, and it had a thick film because we have such hard water. I coated it with toilet bowl cleaner and then washed it with dishsoap a couple of looks brand new. I actualy cleaned several of my plastic bowls, a lawn chair and a kiddie pool with this stuff. It was easier and quicker than Lime away or anything like that

Try it out, you might find new uses for it

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You are right it has so many more good uses .My husband likes to use (The Work) .My husband is a car buff and loves the old cars best. He uses the works toilet bowl cleaner to clean all the rust off the bolts and smaller parts of the cars .I was impressed the fist time he showed me, But if you do this remember you have to condition the metal afterwards use some old motor oil drop it in and then wipe it off .Works really well tools that got left in the rain and started to rust. I love home remidies


i use the works toilet bowl cleaner to clean my bath tub it works so good and it only takes a couple min. just squirt it all over the tub let is set for a min or two and scrub and then rinse and it is gone


I too used this to clean the scum/calcium build up...worked like a charm!!! CAUTION...i ruined the silver faucet, as i didn't rinse it soon enough. i don't think it was on the faucet 30secs. maybe try to dilute it...but my faucet needs to be replaced. be careful!!!

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