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I'm a 58 year old gay male living in California. I first got anal warts when I was 21. I had never heard of them before getting them. I didn't know what I had so I waited until I couldn't take the pain and itching any longer before I finally went to the Dr. I had a very bad case of them internally. I was admitted to the hospital for surgery and it was excruciating! I never thought I'd have to deal with them again, but I knew that the virus doesn't leave the body. Just the other day in the shower I thought I felt something on the outside of my anus. After my shower, I bent like a pretzel to take a picture of my clean ass and I was horrified at what I found! There's at least 5 or 6 small warts all over my ass, which makes me think I have them internally as well. I now find myself without insurance, not sure how I'm going to handle this. And I must say that since finding these little assholes on my asshole, I have thought "do I really want to go through this again or should I just end my life now?" I have never seriously considered suicide, but as anyone who's ever had surgery for anal warts knows, you wish you were dead for about a week after the surgery. It takes awhile to heal these internal wounds, yet you still have a bowel movement every day... and therein lies the horrible truth!!! It's like passing knives... just sharpened knives!!

After those horrible thoughts, and what it would do to my friends and family (if I were to commit suicide) I calmed down and started searching online for homeopathic remedies. It looks like Organic Apple Cider Vinegar works, but from what I read, people are saying it burns like hell. Well, we don't need more of that! But it sounds like it works. However, once I came upon Organic Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil, it looks like I have found something that might work. Google the benefits of coconut oil used for viruses. Anal warts are caused by a virus. Now google Organic Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil for HIV Aides. HIV is also a virus. There have been very positive results with this so far:

I just started today with 2 tablespoons of the Organic Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil and am going to continue to take 2 - 3 tablespoons daily and see what the results will be. I'm also going to apply it topically to my anus. It is wonderful for the skin, so I'm hoping the anti-viral effects work topically as well. I will try to keep you all posted on my progress... just as soon as the buggers reduce in size or disappear altogether.

At the same time, I'm going to improve my diet by eating a healthy diet with plenty of whole grains, fruits, nuts and vegetables, cutting back on red meat, dairy, and all white foods like flour and sugar. I mean to rid these suckers without surgery this time!!

Take heart, don't give up. There's always a way.

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I went to a doctor who put TCA on my entire anus instead of locally treating each HPV wart on my anus. (this is what happens when fresh students treat you and they never inform you that they have never done anything like this before and decide its safe for them to act without supervision)

From two small warts, 70\\\\\\\% of my anus grew to be covered in cauliflour-like warts after that doctor put the TCA all over my anus. Pain beyond belief.

ANYWAY - after excruciating pain and a lot of crying, i realized that

TCA IS the way to get rid of HPV warts.

Just Buy 100\\\\\\\% TCA from Amazon and it will come in the mail to your home. Use it very carefully on each wart with a precision Q-tip and let it dry. Do not touch healthy skin AND most importantly, put paper towel and cotton swabs in between your anus after you are done so that eh TCA won;t come into contact with healthy skin. You should always have a piece of paper towel in between your anus when you have anal HPV warts so that the warts dont spread.

Putting on the TCA will hurt. Its literally corroding the warts away. The warts still have nerve endings but they are essentially cancer cells so you need to kill them. Even if they are superficial, you could still develop cancer later.

Just use TCA carefully on your anal warts with a magnifine mirror+built in light, in your own wash room.

Also, like some people have noticed, HPV warts have a specific bad smell they give off. But DO NOT smell this or they virus could get into your nostrils and you could get warts in your nose.

You can also check for HPV warts on yourself or anyone as they slightly glow under black light. Get a black light flashlight.

Cover your HPV warts with paper towel/cotton balls.

TCA solution will destroy HPV warts with repeated proper self use.

Need help too

Did this work for you? Have you thought about making a supository out of the coconut oil? Just put it in a mold and freeze before use.

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