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Soo, has anyone's tag actually gone inside the anus? And essentially stretch to the outside? I know this is not a fissure and pretty confident it's not a hem but I haven't seen anyone post if there's came from the inside.

Anyways, I tied what I could tie with the tagaway kit lots of you used. Didn't get the base so there's only half tied. 4 days and its pitch black and has no feeling. The underneath part has gotten very swollen and hurts! After I use the restroom I clean it with alcohol. Burns but worth it. Tying it hurt the first two days but i still went to work with it.

Scared of infection and seeing that the issue begins from the inside, I'm seeing a doctor this week. I'm nervous because if it is a hem I've read recovery takes months and months and I jut began a relationship so I'm not sure how I can explain that.

I'll keep anyone interested updated if they want. Just really curious if their's came from the inside or not.

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Update it's now infected. Hurts super bad. Going to have to cut off the small dead part.


So sorry to hear. Hope its all taken care of


What ended up happening? Did you get rid of it? Did you cut it off?

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