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This i straight from a stylist, just random things you can do to help your hair.

If you wear ponytails, dont use any small bands or anything with metal or you will notice the hair breaking where the band sits. I have pulled out too many rubber band or hair bands to see a ring of breakage there. Use cloth ties or dont wear it up all the time.

To prevent bleached hair from turning green in the pool, wet the hair with clean water first or put condition in the hair so that it soaks up something else first befor it hits the pool water

If you dont want to pay for expensive brand shampoos at your salon, stick to Dove products, they dont strip color as bad i find

Dont wash your hair every single day, you can rinse it with warm water, but only shampoo every other day or every third day.

Try to stay away from products with Alchohol, it will dry your hair.

Try to use products with sunblock or wear a hat outside, it will protect your hair from damage.

Ever notice one side of your head seems to grow hair faster? Its posible thats the side you sleep on most..stimulating the scalp causes good blood flow wich help the hair to grow.

Be easy on wet hair, it stretches more when wet and could cause breakage or brittle hair. Use a large tooth comb or brush, not a briste brush untill it is dry

And befor you even say it, I know I cant spell or type well, and what works for one wont always work for another, but in most cases this is good advice.

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that sounds right but what are some ways to prvent grease and oils from gettring on your face and causing pimples besides a head scarf cuz those suck the nutrients out???!!!!


Thanks for the great advise, and yeah, I can't type either.


Hey you need to work on your typing skills and spelling okay gosh didn't you go to school?????before u even do type up another Remedie please spell and type correctly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~sabrina~ A_K_A ME


her spelling is not that bad.omg srzly get over it


haha hey sabrina 'remedie' is spelled remedy...DUH. how bout you fix your spelling first before you make fun of hers. GREAT ADVICE by the way!


That is really good advice Sara.

I don't think scarfs take away the nutrients in the hair it will just absorb sweat from the scalp. And from my understanding the oil on/in the hair (scalp oil) is the same oil on the skin and will not cause breakouts unless the product on the hair itself is what is causing the breakouts. What causes breakouts is harsh cleansing of the skin which freaks out the pores causing them to produce more oil or over production of oil caused by hormones, stress or environmental changes. To combat acne I used tea tree oil or lavender oil (essential oils).

Oh, by the way ~sabrina~ A_K_A ME... YOU SUCK!!!! Grow up and get over it! No one is perfect especially you whom which misspelled 'remedy' while cutting someone else down. So in my opinion you are actually worse and I hope someone throws a bag of shit in your face.


thanks, i have really damaged hair so this will definately be helpful


Thanks for the info. My hair frizzes in the wind. OMG. People. Talking about someones spelling so inmature.


DUDE!!!!!!! Get over the whole spelling thing! Not a big deal if something is spelled wrong in a remedy or comment! Who cares!!!!!! You don't need to be rude. You can still understand the remedy, right? Yes. And the remedy IS really helpful, Sabrina.


thnx 4 tha advice sara.helped alot=]

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