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Clorox mixed with bleach, olive oil mixed with salt, and Vick's with a bandage over night will kill your fungus immediately! Cut the nail back to your most clearest part of your nail.If you experience pain while trimming, stop. Do these processes with out the trim, but longer. I,trimmed my nail back to the newgrowth. And because the nail had a thick fungus, I couldn't feel a thing.Also, I feel that it killed my fungus immediately because I had cut the nail off top of. The fungus.Once I put the Clorox on the fungus, I watched the fungus immediately get missing. Using a medicine cup, fill it under 15ml and add 3 table spoons of salt. Keep this solution wrapped up so you can dip your finger for 15 min or longer a day. Do that twice a day. Take another medicine cup a and pour a teaspoon of bleach mixed with Clorox in in. It's best to mix it by pouring Clorox over bleach that's already in a jug. You don't have to mix a lot. Then, pour a teaspoon or less, only enough to soak a q-tip then clean the nail with it. You will see the yellow turn normal as you keep repeating this routine. After you soak,rinse your hand with cool water. Pat it dry, and cover your entire nail with Vick's and bandage it. Sleep with it overnight and rinse it in the morning and follow the same steps!these same products help your feet as well. Good luck with this nasty bed.

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Isn’t Clorox bleach?


Clorox IS bleach!

j d whist

Bleach mixed with bleach?!?!? Proofreading is your friend.

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