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Here's what worked for me after a double wisdom tooth extraction(upper left, lower right)

1. Swimmers ear drops.

2. I couldn't find clove oil so I got the oral pain kit from Walgreens with benzocaine

If you're like me the jaw is killing you, your ear is going to explode and your neck feels like someone pushed a pencil down the side of it. Are you nodding? If you are then try this.

The swimmer's ear is straight up 95\\% rubbing alcohol and 5\\% water a few drops and the jaw will relax and the ear will say ahhh.

Clove Oil must be like gold here in Texas because after 3 pharmacies there was none to be found. Next best thing, the toothpaste aisle of the Walgreens Oral Pain kit with benzocaine oil. And wow the difference. It doesn't last for ever but will give you a few hours of relief. (less if you drink a lot of liquids) I took it and fell asleep for 2 hours woke up for the 1st time in months with no pain.

* Extraction date - one week ago.

* Pain started - 3 days post extraction

* Dentist re-vist - 1 week after extraction.

* Dentist recommendation - Clean the area, a pat on my head and the "take 2 ibuprofen and call me in the morning"

Tips - 1. For anyone else suffering with the aftermath of extraction, Tylenol and ibuprofen does not TOUCH this pain. Alieve, sort of if you want to take it every hour and kill your stomach, trading one pain for another.

2. If your pharmacy doesn't have clove oil try a vitamin store or an ethnic store. The Mexican grocery stores here in Texas sells clove oil. If you can't find it, benzocaine, has to be the next best thing.

3. Pray... a lot!

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Had impacted lower wisdom tooth, and a broken first molar removed on right side. Bone graft for molar for future implant. hurt at all.

Wisdom socket.... Maximum ibuprofen dose all day for days 3-6.

Tired of taking ibuprofen 800 mg tabs. Take 1.5 hrs to woirk, then wear off leaving 2 hrs pain before could take again.

Got the tooth ache kit with little cottonballs and eugenol from walgreens.

Rolled cottonball between fingers to elongate, dipped with drop of the eugenol, inserted into wisdom hole for 30 sec then removed.

Came out covered in yellow goop. Pain stopped after couple min. Didnt take any more ibuprofen since before doing this on morning day 7

Repeated 2-3 x per day. After 1st two times,, no more yellow goop either on cotton ball. Eugenol is antiseptic too. Only mild discomfort when wear off. Sleeping at night with no medication for first time in week.

At 10 days, 100\\% better

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