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For anyone reading this, I hope this helps.

I've struggled with diverticulitis and a reoccurring anal abscess that has nearly immobilized me at times. more than anything else, i have used PURE GRAPE JUICE with the best results. i use RW Knudsen, and i suggest you avoid anything with added sugar.... i use 'Just Concord' and for the second time, I have seen DRASTIC changes within 12 hours of drinking 16-24 oz of pure grape juice before bed. last night I was in searing pain, and I drank about three medium-sized glasses over an hour time before bed. i woke up with what felt like a LOT more pain and activity, but then in 'broke' this morning.

like everything, look into it yourself.. but there seems to be a huge amount of study on how grape juice cleanses/purifies the soft membrane walls of our body. nature is so cool.

i can't tell you enough how amazing this stuff is. i highly suggest CONCORD juice, and in it's purest form.

i've been a professional cook most of my life-- so i've been burned/cut a lot... i would never wish this kind of pain on my worst enemy. to anyone reading this, i sincerely wish you relief.

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