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Diagnosed Herpes Hsv1/2 Feb. 2016, first genital sore July 19th 2017, I drink coffee and I try to stay away from sweets

My work allows me to excersise on a daily basis plus I exercise on my two days off.

I have for years eaten yogurt, bananas, grapes

and also (peanut butter crackers which is not good for Herpes).

No stress at this time.

I was also diagnosed with ( bacterial vaginosis , common infection, too much douching etc...) in 2015, treatments included pills, creams and finally

OB said, you will have to use boric acid vaginal suppositories the rest of your life because of chronic infections.

I recently tapered off of the suppositories a few weeks ago, June 2017 normally 2/3 times a week prescribed

at bedtime. I don't know if this was keeping the virus suppressed.


no outbreaks, stay out of sun and also bad upset stomach will bring on a cold sore.

I have used bleach and abreva to dry up the sores, it works. I've had ob off and on for years, didn't realize hsv1


Experimenting now abreva, of course boric acid 600 mg suppository,

Checking out:

1 tannic acid, salicylic acid combined with boric acid in a alcohol liquid carrier

2. Unsea

3. Lysine

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