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Hello everyone,

My genital warts started out really small and I thought it was razor bumps. And then it got bigger and I thought it was a pimple so I started using acne treatment on my genital warts. A few months went by and my once small bump turned into large bunch of genital warts that covered my entire private areas. So I went to the local Std clinic and took every STD test they had. Nothing is scarier than waiting for your test results. While waiting for my results I came to realize even if it comes out positive for genital warts it's not the end of the world. I was just hoping I didn't have HIV.

All my results came out negative but they did tell me I had genital warts. They told me to take a non prescription wart cream called DermaOff Wart Remover which is made for genital warts. Within a week of using the DermaOff wart cream all of my genital warts were gone. Now I just have to continue boosting my immune system so my genital warts don't return. It's been a life changing experience....because I'm a lot more careful who I sleep with. You need to value your body because you don't appreciate it until something like this happens.

Good luck!!

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How long did it take for your Dermaoff to arrive?


I ordered it over a week ago and I still have not received mine. I've called the number on the website and also requested a tracking number or some kinda of update on my shipment. No reply.


So how can you get ahold of someone if you have placed an order and have an order number but doesn't tell you when your shipment has arrived ?


It was a scam ive ordered it and waited weeks finally got ahold of someone and they said they would overnight an order to me and I didnt see that either than when I asked for my money back they said ok it will take sone time long story short I had to have my card refund me my money bc they never did it is a scam

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