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i just want to share what i use to treat my anal warts.

Before, i used ACV before and it worked in just days, when i stopped treating it the thought that it is totally gone, they appeared again.. and much more of them mostly in the iritated part by using ACV.. what i hate with ACV is the PAIN, Stinging PAIN that burn the skin. Im doubtful of using ACV again..

I tried, Castor Oil (it didnt work), Cashew Extract (it worked but stings like hell ACV)

so I try this Local product "KATIALIS

Katialis Ointment contains Resorcinol, Salicylic Acid, Sulphur, and Zinc Oxide as active ingredients.

It has Sulphur, salicylic acid, and Zinc on it, so i think it till kill warts

after a week of using it, applied 2 - 3 times a day,some small warts just peeled-off and the bigger one became smaller, what I like about this is that it doesnt burn or sting... actually it is cool and soothing in the ass ^_^ and easy to apply.

I still have my warts with me but little by little theyll be gone by peeling.. though it takes more time, i can wait for it, atleast no pain or burn.. <3

#Sorry for my english ^_^

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Tnx that u shared your experience. One question, after how many days your warts felt down after they turned blac? (When you treated them with the ACV) TNX


just a week... with ACV, i thought it has been totally gone, my skin got irritated those irritated skin goes bumpy and warts grow into them, i cant use ACV with my skin irritated, it hurts and stings real bad that i can tolerate... Im OKey with KATIALIS, this is my 2nd Vial now and it works little by little and pain free 100\\%


do you update of your warts using Katialia? tnx


effective ba talaga yung katialis?


I slept with this guy, who never revealed that he was an active HPV, after 5 months I noticed bumps on the anal region which turned out be warts. The Doctors have put me on cryotherapy, which is helping in removal of the warts. The downside is its painful and leaves ur skin burnt. Along this I have been taking vit C pills and having balenced diet.

I feel cheated upon, its a good eye opener for me. In a way M lucky as I carry HPV not HIV.


Try using banana peel for warts like flat wart, foot warts and even with genital warts. You just use the inside part of the peel to cover the wart and secure it with a medical tape or duct tape or even a band aid if you wish, do this after you shower in the morning and before bedtime. Usually, you will notice the wart to turn black in 3 to 4 days or even longer depending on the severity of the wart. It will take some time for stubborn warts but it's worth the wait because it won't leave a scar. Also, use the unripe - green banana peel because it works faster than the ripe one.


Totoo ba to?


Is this really effective?


Na wala na bayung warts mo ngayon ?

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