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Anonymous Cali Kid

Hello everybody! I have some really exciting news that I have been waiting to share with you all. So if you follow this thread a couple weeks back you will find my previous posts on this matter. I too am battling a painful anal abscess; I know wholeheartedly what you are going through and it is terrible. On the last post that I did, which was in early May, I referenced some cell salts that I was going to try out. I wanted to give the tablets at least a month before documenting any success with them and so I did. I began taking the cell salts on May 6th--It is now July 3rd and I am doing soooo much better! I can't stress enough how terrible I was feeling just a few weeks ago, I stopped working and had to withdraw from the college semester.

Please, to anybody reading this: go on Amazon and search up "Silicea cell salts", they are sold by Hyland and are a homeopathic type of medicine. Don't just take my word for it, look through the customer reviews and read some of the testimonies. I was blown away when I read some of the stories on there and I was willing to try anything. After all, the antibiotics prescribed by my doctor had terrible side effects! Idk why pharmacies continue to give us these deadly medicines. The silicea cell salts are said to clear up boils and abscesses by pushing out all the infection and keeping it deflated. Now all I see down there is a pea sized cut where the abscess use to be.

Don't get me wrong, I still feel something down there that shouldn't be there but I am doing so much better. For all I know, the infection is still there internally--but I am just glad I can resume my normal life again without the unbearable pain I was under. I was so close to getting surgery but a surgeon that I saw told me about the risks and chance of recurrence and it made me really skeptical about getting the surgery. I'm glad I came across these, I am going to keep taking the cell salts and I'll keep documenting any changes I see.

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Anonymous Cali Kid

@Minnie I am glad you have had a positive experience with the oregano oil! the brand I use says Wild Mediterranean Oregano Oil with carvacrol. The carvacrol is a compound with tremendous health benefits, it seriously needs more research. I found that this oil reduced swelling and itching for me, I also consume a couple drops orally with some juice.

Natura a natural way of life! :)

Hi Anonymous Cali Kid!! :D I just want to say thank you so much for your suggestion of the silicea tissue salts! theyre working like a charm! I dont feel anything in that area now... I am taking it as often as I can during the day! the brand that I am using is Natura... this one is a dissolving tablet that you put under your tongue.


Hi, I have tried silica salts from holland and barrat. It really works. I was told I needed a surgery and I was in extreme pain I could barely sit or walk. Fortunately, after literally 2 days of taking silica salts I got significantly better. The pain stopped completely and now after a week I just have a scar tissue almost can't feel anything there. Even my GP was surprised. I really recommend it! Additionally I was eating super healthy I ate as many vegetables as I could throughout a day . Plus a lot of fruits and no sugar or processed food!


I just had an issue with an anal abcess, which was my 3rd one in fifteen years. All 3 were done surgically,

2 in the ER and last one in Surgery. The Er visits were not pleasant due to the pain I was in and the way they took care of the issue. Having surgery with the right team of doctors was on the last one and it when very well. The day after surgery I felt very well. I did notice at least 2 of the occurrances I had just used a steroid ( methylprednisolone ) NO MORE!!! I see a lot of people trying to do it on their own with remedies but with all do respect having a good diet is what we all need. I am changing my diet to fiber and good veggies and stay away from junk. There are also all kinds of products for our colon and intestines and think these will help as well.

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