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I thought Ice cold water was helping, it was until it warmed up and the pain kicked in with a vengeance. I didn't sleep and couldn't do anything without cold water In my mouth. My face felt freezing cold. I figured that was adding to it by freezing the nerve and making my gums shrink and exposing more nerves. So I started to warm my teeth back up by holding warm water in my mouth (Swearjng is allowed at this point!), increasing the temperature each time. I'm not going to lie I nearly passed out from the pain, but after doing it for 5 minutes it had reduced to a dull throb, I slept my first night out of 3 too!

So cold water isn't that great! You get stuck in a viscous circle, I drank so much water I puked.

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Oil of Oregano apply to the infected rise the most comfortable way possible.

either cotton ball..Qtip or finger tip. the swell will go down over night.

repeat as needed. It works....

Plan B: warm tea bag... (black tea) works best. after soaking the tea bag in hot water.fold the bag over in half. next sprinkle the warm bag with garlic powder or Cayenne pepper powder...or use them both together as a combo. rest the coated tea bag (poultice)against the abscess.

hold long as possible but do not let the poultice chemically burn the gum line skin....

that thing (sooner) than later (((will)) burst open and will drain. Then Relief will be found.

After it burst..swish & spit warm water mixed with(Pink Himalayan) salt. do this daily am and pm.this is sold on the spice aisle of most any grocery dept.

note:Only use about 1/4 to 1/2 tsp or less of the salt to a cup of warm water.It's great for teeth and gums.

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