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I have 4 teeth given me grief at the moment. Saw a dentist yesterday and she prescribed antibiotics for an 2 abscesses, top and bottom teeth. I have been in awful pain for 3 days now, with little sleep until last night. Face is swelling and I have pain in my eye, head and ear too.

I have been taking co-codamol 30/500 (which I am prescribed for back pain) every 4 hours. You can buy Panadol otc in the U.K. Which has dihydracodeine and paracetamol in, it's the strongest you can buy otc. I have been alternating that with 2 or 3 nurofen plus every 4 hours, so I am taking painkillers 2 hourly. No more than 8 paracetamol containing drugs in 24 hours.

Orajel max strength. Whatever you do don't get it inside the tooth. I made that mistake and it touched the nerve and I nearly flew through the roof! Just rub it on your gums, it gets through that way.

Ice cold water helped for a second. So miserably swishing cold water in my mouth for hours at a time.

Sleep upright. If you can manage to get any :(

Vicks vapour rub on your cheek. Works well to distract you and allow you get to sleep. This saved my sanity!

I also tried swishing whiskey, vanilla extract, salt water. None of those worked for me.

Abcessed tooth pain is the worst.

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