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Hello guys! Thank you so much for all your posts.

I just want to tell you that today is my third day that I am fighting against my three genital warts. In the beginning I thought I had 2 but soon I noticed the third one. First two were biger and the third small. So I decided to destroy them with ACV like you described here. I have to say that in the beginig( first day) they became bigger but today(third day) I see that they are smaller and became black and very dry.I also saw those black dots coming out. I really hope that this will destroy them all & that I will continue my normal life without them. As it look with ACV it will.

I also use probiotics & vitamin C to have better imune system.

A BTW, I put ACV every 3-4h, fresh one and of course after the shower and drying out my skin down there. During the night I leave them open on the "fresh air" only on the area - the skin - around the warts I put some bepanten cream, which helps to recover my burned skin.

Guys yes, it burns but BELIVE ME- IT IS WORTH! After three days I will write again how it is! WISH ME LUCK AS MUCH AS I WISH TO YOU.

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Today is day 4 - one of the warts almost dissappeared! Another will soon as it looks, it's like one dry, black scab.

Around the warts I have also burning area but it's worth. Don't be afraid, try it.

And yea, while you are doing this, forget to go to the bike ;) ;) ;)


Day 5

On the wart that almost dissappeard I still feel sort of bump and another one (the big one) is still there. Black and dry. The "new one" (small one that I discovered few days ago) after using ACV also became brown and I hope soon will be black and will fall down.

Just now I put again ACV on all of them and will leave it there for next few hours. It's still burning but less than before.


Day 6

Hello guys!

Still fighting the battle and I have to say that I feel much better & stronger in hope that all my warts will dissappear soon.

Tnx God one of them did, but around the place where I had it I have burning area on which I put few times per day BEPANTEN to calm down this burning skin. Actually around all three warts I put this healing cream - yea I burned myself little but it's worth. So one of them disappeared, the big one is still there, black and getting smaller with everyday more and the "new" small one turned totally brown/black.

I have to say also that yesterday I had ACV on them only for 4 h and later on every 3h I put the bepanten around them and ACV on them for 5min. (Cause of burning area) and today ACV only for few minutes on each warts.

That's all for today, hear you tomorrow! Good luck & just do it, you have nothing to lose. Girls & boys don't be afraid- we are all strong. BTW I am a woman :)


Day 7

Hello guys! So 1 week is around and yea today I found out that also the big black dry wart felt down. So I lost 2 of 3 warts. That small one is still with me, but I hope it will go away as well. Hopefully :)

BTW I still see the traces of that 2 warts that disappeared so just in case today I put again some ACV cottons on them (for 2 hours& it doesn't hurt so much anymore), that will really burn it away. Now they looks white..and much more smaller. Also my skin around the warts is healing.

So far so good.

I have to be honest, I can't stand with the ACV smell anymore. I think that whenever & wherever I will smell it it will always remains me of my GW :) but yes I am very very thankful for it and all your posts.



Day 10


The smaller wart is dissappearing, the biggest is still seen, but only the shape of it & I still put the ACV on it but for 2min 3 times per day and the third "wart" looks nice but the scar is there and now I don't know if it's a wart coming back or the new skin coming out.

Still put few times/day bepanten cream to heal the skin.

That's all till now..


Day 13

2 warts for sure disappeared as it looks and one (the biggest ) looks suspicious.

We will see


Day 18

Tnx god all of my warts gone. So yea, ACV definitely works. Thank you for all of your posts & good luck to everyone :)

Just keep on fighting.

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