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Cant Believe This Works!

Ok... This SO WORKS and worked within 5 hours of me applying the solution. I have had these twice before and been in the ER to get it cut open, drained and packed. I'm currently far, far away from a doctor so I went into the house we were staying at and made this without the tea leaves. No kidding in 5 hours (twice applied) it opened and drained. After a shower and clean, I feel like a million bucks. I was tentative to try this, but it really does work and fast. Give a try, if this happens again this will be my go to solution!

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What kind of solution did you make? I'm in so much pain, I'm getting ready to cut this thing open already! I tried tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar. It only bled a little. Please HELP !!


What solution???


Just give the darn solution. And make it easy to access. So, so tired of these ongoing email chases .. Just give us the information. Not trying to Keep searching for one to two hours ....... Geeze,!! Just give the dog gone info. So frustrating.


"The solution", is there really one? If so, then do tell if not no worriers if you never had "the solution". Seems odd to post such dramatic results & details yet doesn't describe ingredients. "CAN BELIEVE" there never was a"solution". ????

Joseph Di Luzio

What solution are you talking about ?

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