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Have a cracked tooth with an exposed nerve. I can tell you I've never been one to cry over pain but I had the worst and excruciating pain I've ever felt. It felt like lightning was traveling through my tooth and jaw, thought my jaw was going to fall off, and was sure I was going to die from the pain. Tried putting orajel severe in the crack (worked for a couple minutes), ibuprofen, ice, EVERYTHING. I ended mixing heatened clove oil and organic coconut oil, syringed it in the crack. Also held a qtip drenched in hydrogen peroxide on the crack and felt no pain. I was able to sleep after that. Going to the dentist today hopefully I'll get a root canal or something, hope this helped someone!!

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To: Anonymous:

I've always been a strong & tolerant person who can tolerate a lot of pain & not cry. My exposed nerve has me in TEARS! THANK YOU FOR SHARING A HOME SOLUTION!

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