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I noticed that I had gentle warts around the shaft of my penis and two larger ones around the anus , I was devastated to see this and was too embarrassed to visit the doctor so I searched online for an answer ,I tried most things that were mentioned such as tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar but none had any effect ,apart from being very strong in smell ,I searched pharmacys to see if I could get a cure without prescription,...but nothing worked ! I had been trying now to get rid of them for about three months but if anything they were on the increase.....that's when I decided to take more drastic measures against them and I bought "bazuka" wart gel from the supermarket ,it's not supposed to be used on Gentiles warts but I was willing to try anything I went ahead ,when you apply it there is a slight nip ,but that only lasts about 30 seconds then it turns white and forms a "skin" over the wart ,I left this on all day and then peeled the gel off and did this every day for five days,after which they had gone ,I hope this helps someone as I know how you feel if you have them ,it certainly was the cure for me ! Oh and I meant to mention that I also too vitamin c tablets daily to increase my immune system,

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