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take a Tsp of peanut butter and mix it with a tsp of olive oil and put it in the microwave for one min until it becomes a light syrup take a tampon and place mixture on the tip and incert in ear make sure you leave the string out to pull out when you are finished it really works!

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This is actually how they treat really bad infections in some emergency rooms. I don't know about the peanut butter, etc, but they do use things that look like tiny tampons. Called an ear wick? I know this because my sister-in-law's had really bad ears since she was small. The last time her ears got really horrible and she ended up in the ER they used these. You could try a slender/junior or trim a large one maybe?


Yes this is called an ear wick in the USA. But if you look at the packaging (I work in medicine) many absorbent materials say tampon right on the label. This poster could be from another country. I do not recommend putting peanut butter into an ear though.

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