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I had my genital warts for what seemed like a lifetime but was about 6 months. They started out small and just become more and more of a problem. Small warts eventually turned into cluster of warts all over my private areas. This obviously prevented me from becoming intimate with women and really took a toll on my self-esteem and made me very depressed. I tried a lot of different remedies to get rid of my genital warts. You name it and I tried it. I was going crazy and be careful what you put on your private areas. A lot of remedies burned so bad and did absolutely nothing to get rid of my warts. I tried every option available and what worked wonders for me was a genital wart treatment called DermaOff Wart remover. I used Dermaoff for about 3 days and noticed some great results. By the 6th day all of my genital warts were completely off including the clusters I had. I wish I would of used it sooner. Wear a condom people. Its not worth the risks. Be safe and good luck.

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Condoms do not protect you from hpv. That’s the virus that causes genital warts. AND there is no test for this STI for men - so ment hink they are “clean” when going to get tested if all the results are negative when in fact they most likely are carrying some strain of hpv and passing it to thier partners.

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