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I am late 20's female and I had a perenial abcess about 6 months ago for the first time I thought it was a pimple to start with but within a couple of days it had gotten so sore and painful I went to the doc which I never do as I have this crazy fear/phobia of doctors and hospitals and the doc sent me straight to the er after waiting in er for almost 24 hrs I had freaked myself out so much that I checked myself out before the surgery and went home with this horrible abcess and started googling homemade remedies and came across the tumeric/tea tree oil method so I made the paste up and put it on and went to bed woke in the morning and it was popped and totally no pain (I thought thank god I didn't get unnecessary surgery) it took about a week to finish draining and start healing... 2 months later I felt it come up again in the same spot very small but it went away by itself after a couple of days... 3rd one started on Sunday was quite sore but bearable I went to work like usual and again on Monday went to work all day with some painkillers I got through at this stage was very small maybe pea size I hadn't put anything on it at this stage as I thought/hoped that it would just go away by itself (I should know better by now). Tuesday was in a lot of pain so tues night I applied my trusty mix of tumeric tea tree oil and some baking soda but when I woke still there just as sore and the mix had made some raw patches on my skin but hadn't made it pop,by this stage size of a ping pong ball..devastated I went on googling as I refused to go to the er and came across the onion method, I sliced an onion and taped it onto the abcess (yes It stung but only for a minute and then it actually felt good) left it on for 3 hrs and then repeated with a fresh slice and it got the abcess down to half the size so I thought I would try the turmeric paste again and see if that would pop it overnight...far out no luck again...(Thursday now)feeling helpless and seriously in so much pain I could not move from bed I had raw patches from the turmeric paste so I tried the potato method and put a slice of potato on there and taped it down it immediately felt relief but no stinging sensation like the onion but too scared to put onion back on it as the skin was raw so left potato on for 3 hrs then repeated with a fresh slice thinking I was going to have to resort to the er I thought I would give the onion one more go as it seemed to have made a difference the previous day so got my poor husband to tape some red onion to my poor bum once again and slept for 5 hrs woke up got him to change it again and then about 4- 5 hrs later I woke up and felt some wetness got up and went to the toilet and yesssssss it had popped!!smelly brown stuff and bloody stuff in my undies...instant relief and felt so much better straight away...that was about 5 hrs ago it is weeping a little and I can still feel a tiny lump so will keep checking and keeping clean and dry but the relief from the pain is so amazing my abcess is just at the top of my bum crack its such an awkward spot and my bum is black and blue from the pressure of the abcess I think but am feeling 100\\% better then I did and I wanted to share my story as I tried a bit of something from all of your stories and seemed to not have instant results like some of you but patience and perseverance got me there eventually

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Hello : ) I'm going through this right now and I've been applying apple cider vinegar that has really helped but I want to try this way as well but I noticed my turmeric curcumin supplements have black pepper in them. I was going to break them open to make the paste but will the black pepper burn too much you think ?


I just used tumeric from the spice section at supermarket if that's easier than opening your capsules:)


Currently with anal abcess in totally agony have had fistula and had nothing but problems


Wow reading this has made me feel better. I was worrying for a second that I may have anal cancer or something lol but right now I believe I have an.abscess. it's been here for a couple of months but its gotten bigger. Usually it pops when I wipe after taking a deuce. But tonight as I am laying down it seems to feel bigger. I'll try these methods to see if it helps. Hopefully it does! Thanks for sharing!


Since it's been a few months after your comment, i wanted to know if your abscess is recurring. I have been having these abscesses for almost half a year, I treat them by applying an antibiotic cream with a plaster on top. It works well but after a couple of weeks I get another. I really don't want to have surgery so i wanted to know if your abscesses have finished after your method of treatment

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