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No joke i have an exposed nerve at the back of my jaw I had maybe one roll up of weed n it completely vanished

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Cherokeejoy*I posted this 4 *CINDYLOU* & anyone else it may

CINDYLOU GOOGLE FREE & LOW COST DENTAL CLINICS. TRY THE MATHEW WALKER CLINIC THEY HAVE SOME N MANY STATES THE COST RANGES FROM FREE SO $0-$100 DEPENDING ON UR SITUATION. THE GOOD SAMARITAN IS 100\\% FREE CALL UR LOCAL DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES TO ASK THEM AS WELL AS UR LOCAL HEALTH DEPARTMENT. ALAO IF UR ON ANY FORM OF STATE INSURANCE EVEN JUST FOR MEDICAL COVERAGE, IF UR DOC SENDS N A PRIIR AUTHORIZATION (P.A. FORM) SAYING THE DENTAL PROBLEM(S) IS CAUSING U TO HAVE MEDKCAL PROBLEMS LIME INFECTIONS, CAN'T EAT, OR IF U HAVE ANY CARDIAC PRKBKEME THRN MEDICARE/ MEDICAID WILL PAY 10P\\% OF THE DENTIST BILL. Also almost all stores have some temp. Filling stuff u can use I've put it n a hole n a tooth as well as used it to make a make shift cap/crown it's $5 or something like that. It comes n a red & blue containerit depends on the brand. Its by the other toothache stuff.put it on before bed & let it cure all night. U can drink just don't eat even after the 2 or 3 hrs I know from experience. Make sure it's on there good I held it with some pressure ya it hurt but it helps prevent food & drinks from touching the nerve & helps with the pain some too. Clean the area well before u usr it or ur just gonna seal n the bacteria that's there use natural products to kill bacteria see salt, vinegar,various fresh herbs etc. Many also dbl as pain relievers as well. your life

Hi guys the only thing to solve this pain instantly 100\\% is red Cross toothache u can find it at wall greens $7 pain Gone in seconds you're welcome.


Redcross is great but it quit working for me... Help!


Red Cross quit working for me as well. I'm omw to get some pure vanilla extract, will let you know if it works.


Iv got 2 moulers bottom left an rite rite side I killed the nerve after the whole top of tooth came off 2 years ago now tonite eve of Xmas eve my left side just opened up an the pain of a pulsating nerve OMFG it's bad really bad worse than the rite side so Iv adapted the same method whisky to num it spit out after then crushed up a neurofen plus and apply half to the area leave it as long as you can then. swallow then 30mins latter apply the other half you should be good till the morning then I got to the point were taking no painkillers would work pain so sever I'm walking non stop around my house like a mentally insane guy in an asylum, dental here in Ireland is costing too much to get teeth extracted why won't our countries look after us even begged a dentist to help me after free consultation an he just said no he said nothing he can do cause I have to go for operation to get it extracted both teeth these ppl could help if they really wanted to what has the world become a money hungry Corp


Kratom worked wonders for me ??? try this I could finally sleep.. also strong alcohol like vodka might work


i am in pain and have now come to realize that i have 2 exposed nerves onmy back teeth, i believe they opened up without me knowing from old lead fillings coming to the end of their life span? anyways im on about week 2 and im in Canada so i been taking tylenol with codene and that isn't helping now, s i have start taking tylenol 3 but that don't help, so now i've started taking percocet (all self medicated". Tonite i have tried vanilla extract on gums and in open cavity and works for about a hour? I'n canada we have universal health care and i'm also native american indian, but the only problem is when EVERYONE has universal health care? It's very difficult to find a doctor or dentist. Oh and i have a phobia of needles so when i have had to have a tooth pulled? I can only handle 1 shot of novacane, but i almost died since my last bad tooth lol lung collapsed and i was treated like a pin cushin'

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