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No joke i have an exposed nerve at the back of my jaw I had maybe one roll up of weed n it completely vanished

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Tooth wax saved my life when I had a broken and jagged tooth...if pharmacies don't carry it...I advise them that they should


I have an exposed nerve and broken tooth...couldn't sleep for 9 nights...4 really bad...but now it's manageable...I eat only soup,yogurt and eggs...swish with diluted vinegar and mouthwash ( hurts but)..brush teeth as needed...take extra strength pain meds when I feel even a twinge of's been working...I will continue till I can see a dentist


Coconut oil ya ninnies!!!!!! Oil pull for 20 minutes. Google it. Takes a little while to work. Burn it works. Don't chew on that side. Drink warm drinks, not cold.


Oh please help! I have a broken wisdom tooth with an exposed nerve. If I do get any sleep it's very short. The pain wakes me about every hour. I'm using maximum strength Oragel, which offers minimal relief.I'd rather give birth to yriplets, without anesthesia. My pain goes from my temple to my neck. No dental insurance, therefore just something I'll have to live with. Unless one of you angels out there have any advice. Please, I'll try anything!


I have a hole in one of my back boulders which is giving me nerve pain. I have tried absoulutely everything in pain killers and nothing seems to work. can anyone please tell me what i could use to numb my mouth so it stops the pain. I try and sleep at nights but i tossingand turning and 5 mins. I need something to numb my mouth c

what can I do or use.


coconut oil swishing works as well as placing raw garlic on the area. both are also anti-bacterial and garlic is a known antibiotic

Tooth pain fighter

Mix vinegar and salty warm water. Use it to rinse the affected area several times a day. It will ease the pain. To go the extra mile, after doing that, put a small ginger root on the affected tooth and bite on it until the juice starts to glow down. Then bite a garlic clove until reduced to pieces and swallow it. That combination will ease the pain, killed the bacteria. Do it regularly until you can see a dentist. As of my typing, I have been using vinegar and salt water to ease a toothache and it is working. I'm taking antibiotics as well.


Isopropyl alcohol on a Q-tip and directly placed on the nerve will kill the nerve and numb the pain down to nothing it will sting for about the amount of time that you have on it and you get a nasty case from the alcohol obviously don't swallow it spit that out then drink some juice or a sweet drink on the opposite side.. after a week of applying that alcohol on that nerve you will not feel it anymore it will die.. I have done this several times, and it worked for me.


Ok I have a tooth with a hole in it also that had me damn near crying...smh anyway been trying Every thing and little to no I get on here and saw someone say that rinsing with warm salt water and apply imitation vanilla extract into hole...i used a q tip to insert it in the hole and omg thank God it actually worked!!!! I'm now laying in bed with a smile on my face! Thanks to the person who posted that relief method.


thats kind of.. almost kindof impossible because tooth pain, either nerve or from swelling, will b exacerbated when u smoke because the bud raises ur blood pressure and its very well known by everybody iv ever talked to about tooth probs that its a real bitch to get a couple hits in when u havin tooth problems, if smokin genuinely did take ur pain away then u dont have an exposed nerve. believe that. n exposed nerve WILL b the worst thing youll ever experience in ur life!!!

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