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Aquines Anderson

This isn't a cure well I'm uncertain if it is yet I tried it and the blisters went down,then away..I have to keep at it & mix tea tree oil,or olive leave extract, to add more strength.

Yet here it is..

You'll need himayalyn salt the pink kind.

Grind it up,place on affected area..

(Caution it burns you have to be able to withstand the pain, it itches then burns don't scratch let the pain ride out)

The salt starts to suck out the toxin

Of the blister,clean optional to add

Extra oinments such as tea tree oil,Apple cidar vinegar,olive leavf extract,Vicks vapor rub,baking soda without aluminum..

I put my own rosemary oil,& oregano oil on it,after I cleaned it the blister went away.

Herpes lives in the bottom of the tip of the anus I read somewhere then I put the salt,along my but crack along the tip of my anus the bone it's the tail bone I put the salt there it burned shows its working.

I only use Himalayan salt the pink type it sucks out all the toxins..

At some point I want to make an invention that sucks the tip of my tail bone out to expose only the tail bone then add a filter thing that after it sucks the tail bone out,another salt layer is there absorbing the salt, while the tail bone is sucked out.

It sounds weird,yet I'm sharing my invention with you the world for you to make your own.

I have so many inventions ID like to share now.

Your input,pictures, ect is vary can post it on a site like makeables,or you tube I'll look for your inventions under devices to cure herpes.

I heard a cert light helps it to..or a type of laser light.. it possible to invent a type of light that injects medicine,oil ect through the laser or light?

You can email me to chat more about it.

It's better to help each other

If you have ideas maybe we could chat more about them and help each other make inventions to cure thanks for your time..

Skygodess003@gmail. com

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Eponda ford

I order black seed oil does it cure herpes it said it cure herpes

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