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Start with colloidal silver 10 ppm build your system, then ionic colloidal silver 20ppm then try till 30 ppm take for 3 to 6 months, i heard some body took till 9 months, take it orally as directed,or take two times one time take neat keep it in mouth under tong gargle for 10 to 15 minutes swallow it then drink one glass of water take it early morning don't take food 30 minutes before and after, and take it evening mix one tea spoon with one glass of water, remember drink at least 8 glass of warm water every day, and applied it where needed, i suggested spray bottle, second also take oil of oregano i take capsules as recommended or one in morning and one in evening and liquid oregano oil to apply on that area at least with 80\\% carvacrol strength i personally used zene hellas brand if you buy pure you have to dilute it with olive oil or coconut oil at least 5 drop to one or two drop of oregano oil or buy diluted one with 40\\% oregano oil beware of burning sensation use accordingly slowly slowly build your strength, third olive leaf extract at least 20\\% to 25\\% oleuropies strength take in capsules and liquid form as directed. After years of suffering i am cured in 5 months every year i will take it for maintenance for my health may be one bottle each for my other health reason, search on web, youtube is your friend do your own research then take it your own decision you can buy all this at Amazon i am just sharing i hope it will help you, one more thing its long process you have to make commitment after week or two you will see some improvements in your health it cures lot of diseases if you have some you will feel it if none you wont feel it, don't make any gap buy your stuff early and keep stock it cost me arround $1000 in 5 months silver i took 3 bottles each strength, and more in oregano and olive leaf extract thanks.

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can you run over briefly what your diet consisted of? did you eat just alkaline? did you eat any gluten free grains or meats?

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