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Hi everyone... I'm really worrying about my poor bum. Years ago I had an abcess drained. The doctor warned me it would be my Achilles heal. Last year, shortly after delivering my son, I developed another. Luckily I found this site and discovered the magic coconut turmeric baking soda tea tree mixture. It drained and healed before it got out of hand. Now 10months later it came back. Only this time I didn't treat it in time and I went to a doctor to get it lanced. His care instructions were not very good first doctor had instructed me to do daily sitz bath...this guy told me to do nothing. Not to clean wash soak...nothing. Why did I listen to him? I have never ever trusted doctors. Why did I follow his terrible advice... It's been about 2months since getting it lanced and the problem is persisting... I was treating it for a while with the mix...then a homeopath suggested I just use breast milk and turmeric.. Now I've been doing the paste again for a couple days and today the wound opened. There are two small holes. I did 2back to back sits bath with so much salt and it's draining. After soaking I applied tea tree to a gauze and covered it... But now what? I'm going to soak it again and this time maybe put oregano oil as suggested... I'm afraid to continue with the cream because I don't want it to get inside the holes and cause more infection. I'm so afraid I will get a fistula...which I'm still not exactly sure what that is... But the wound is not on my anus, it's on the cheek itself. Are fistula only on the anus? Anyone have advice or updates on their cases?

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I have the same exact problem right now! It gets worst everytime i have a bowel movement. I feel it's coming down to the end of my butt cheek between my thighs. I have not used anything and the doctor suggested surgery of course; i see that it just started bursting today, as in developing an exit to drain. Someone told me to use domeboro powder and warm compresses. I need help, im in so much pain, i feel my heart beating down there.


Hello Semsom, sorry to hear about your experience , firstly since the abscess is on your cheek and not underneath your anal cavity - this is not fistula , but an abscess. Please do not try anything for yourself firstly , secondly consult an experienced Homeopathic practitioner for all good reasons. Go to a doctor only if the pain is unbearable post the pus draining.

Homeopathic treatments are more of permutations & combinations depending on the type of abscess that one gets. Please do your research on perinneal abscess and homeopathy ..... but do consult one immediately ..... their medication if taken religiously for a good amount of time .... this will heal up on its own & the recurrence is nil - 20\\\\% , down the lane. But there has been successful results in homeopathy related treatments & certain lifestyle changes such as LCHF for example , which will benefit you on the longer run.

Good luck !

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