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Went to my local Sainsburys and bought the own brand Apple Cider Vinegar (£1.15). Was convinced there was no way it would work but I've had my warts for 5 months and there were so many, it was so demoralising.

Got a cotton bud, soaked it in ACV (undiluted) folded it up and rolled it between my butt cheeks while I was on laptop in bed. It sting like nothing else, and I sat like that for two hours. I had a feel before bed and they seemed to bigger. I was so disheartened.

Next day I woke up and 90\\% of the warts were gone. I couldn't believe it, it was amazing. Some of the bigger ones are still there but oh my days if it hasn't made a difference. No longer itchy and so smooth, I spent the whole day in an amazing mood.

I've found that it burns quite badly on the second day, the skins a bit sensitive so I'll probably scale it back a touch - but oh my goodness if ACV hasn't been the most amazing remedy. I'll keep doing it and hopefully get them all - but that pain is oh so worth it to get that piece of mind back.

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apple vingar did not work for me


ACV seems to have worked pretty good for me. Used it last night on a few small warts located in the rim of my Anaya. It burned but not too bad. Hoping this will take care of it.


Thanks to your post and several others on here I've decided to try ACV as a remedy. I bought some tonight and am trying it for the first time before bed this evening. Hope to come back and report good news.

Best wishes to you all!


Did it work?

D Again :)

I am so happy to write and say that ACV did work to take away my anal warts. I used cotton balls soaked in ACV and then would run it under warm water to dilute the cotton. The first time I used it I did not dilute nearly as much as I should have and it was QUITE painful. However, it seared away about 75\\\\\\\\\\% of the affected areas. I was in healing mode for the next 4-5 days afterwards. (Let me tell you, those bowel movements were NO fun.) After I healed, I used the ACV soaked cotton balls again but diluted the solution WAY more with water and still saw results. I am soooo happy to say I'm doing, what I hope to be, my last treatment this evening.

The first time I removed the cotton ball I was completely stunned. ACV literally melts away the genital warts, turning them a dark color, almost black. I was in shock that it actually worked so well.

I also am drinking a mixture of 2 Tablespoons ACV in 8 oz of water every morning and popping zinc to bring my immune system up. You guys...and gals...I have struggled with this before in the past several years ago. Doctors prescribed me acid gels that took SO long to work and were quite painful as well. Those worked too but nothing like this. Try is worth the shot.

I wish you all the best. I know this is a really degrading and tough journey to go on as a human being. You're not alone and you can overcome this! Best of luck to you all.


Just tried my first round of ACV and will keep you posted.



I fell asleep and forgot about the cotton ball.

Wake up and the little thing was pretty much gone.

But the healing process is going to take some time and I’m extremely sore.

Just wanted to give an update


Im trying acv for the first time tonight aftwr having anal warts for the past 2 months! Not really feeling pain only a mild itchy/slightly stingy sensation. I sure hope it starts to work! This virus is horrendous and so unfair. Best wishes to you all!


How did you use the cotton ball? It seems I have a couple different bumps.. not big at all, but now I’m paranoid lol

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