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Bye Bye Bean!!

Hey everyone,

So after reading all these posts I decided to try tying off my skin tag at home. and it was a SUCCESS!!! But I thought I would share my process. So for the past few years I always knew something was...there. Never truly thought much of it until my loving boyfriend nicely told me he saw something and wanted to make sure I knew and have a doctor look at it. When I did ask my gyno what it was she said hemorrhoid and I started using prep H which did nothing. So a while later I finally asked my mom to look at it (yeah it was weird but she got up close and personal with it and said it was a skin tag just on the outside of my anus). So we started the process. Mine was the size of a bean before we started. We used dental floss and tied it around the base. It hurt, but honestly wasn't as bad as some had described. The next two days it got a little bigger but stayed red and puffy. Two day's later we tied another one (this one didn't hurt and I don't think we got it any tighter then the first. Three days later still no change, just red and puffy. So we tied it again. I could tell it was tighter and a few hours later it started turning purple but then nothing more for another few days. Finally after week I was frustrated. So I got some orajel, applied it, waited for 20 minutes, and told my mom to tie it as tight as she could. OH MY GOD I should have got the orajel sooner, it was amazing how numb it made it, not totally but soooo much better. A few hours later it had turned completely white!! And the next day it shriveled up to barely anything and was deep purple. We waited two days then orageled again and snipped it right off. no blood, no nothing.

Now I know people warn about infections and such because it is a "dirty" area. I had my mom check it once if not twice a day. I also cleaned it a bunch throughout. And after every BM I bathed then cleaned with alcohol. I do have what others described as a "crater" but I just snipped it yesterday so I hope that just goes away after a few weeks. For me, I always used dental floss and always just tied a new one over the old. The floss did cut my skin a little which was the cause of some of my pain, but I wasn't worried because I cleaned it so much. My advise to anyone wanting to do this is find someone to help. I would never have done it alone, and felt so much better having someone check to make sure there wasn't an infection coming in. ALSO ORAGEL!!

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I know how you all feel. I've dealt with hemorrhoids for years and mainly the problem now is skin tags. I am young and was very embarrassed to go to the doctor. For years I just dealt with it. I researched and was going to try to remove them myself but I finally found an out of town doctor who specializes in in-office hemorrhoid removal using banding, sclerotherapy (injection of something that shrinks them) and lasers. That's all they do all day. I was so tired and ready to be done with them that I sucked it up and made an appointment. I actually canceled it once due to anxiety about it and then rescheduled.

I'm so so glad I did.

This doctor is amazing. Because the staff specialize in this they made me feel very comfortable. Like this is all the norm there. Nothing they haven't already seen 20 times that day. Everything is set up to make you comfortable. They have baby wipes in there, special "moon shorts" you wear (haha), they have you use the restroom first, and everyone in the waiting room is there for the same reason. The way the doctor talks about it makes you feel like it's all normal and I felt comfotable opening up to him. They get you in and out of there quickly. And my insurance covered it.

In talking with him, the problem I foresee with trying to treat yourself is that if you have skin tags, you also have internal hemorrhoids (which you can't see or tell on your own) and they will keep coming out and when they do they'll cause new skin tags. He is removing both the internal and the external for me so the problem can end for good. Also if you remove too much skin you can have permanent anal leakage. Ewe!! We also talked a lot about my diet and anti inflammatory foods and probiotics and high fiber to help prevent recurrence. Mine are caused by diarrhea which is opposite of most. Oh and he gave me lidocaine gel and applicators for it and pain meds. I don't know if I could've handled the pain without that. And I have someone to call if I start hemorrhaging or it gets infected or anything goes wrong. Way less embarrassing than having to go to an ER and explain what I've done to myself!

Anyway my advice is find someone who specializes and it won't be as bad as you think. If you can get someone out of town, you'll also never have to see them again. Haha!


Where are you from? Wondering if they recommend a doctor in my area. I've been looking everywhere!

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