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Toothpaste! (Skip to bottom for application) I woke 3-4 days ago with an abscess. I did not panic as I had one two years ago. That one was painful, but went away after a couple of days on its own. I never seeked help or did anything whatsoever (lucky).

This one was different... the first day I foolishly applied Purel... lol. It made it worse if anything as day two the abscess was massive, nothing like the previous one I'd had. I searched and searched for a cure but they all involved exotic oils and were too complicated for this 23 year old male. I came across the toothpaste method and my life was changed for the better.

I would usually apply hot water via a cloth and clean the area. Dry it, and then apply the toothpaste. The burn is nothing but soothing in comparison to the pain of the abscess. After one full day of applying it 3-4 times I awoke to a much smaller abscess, maybe two thirds of what it was. By the end if the day it was about a third of what it was. The following day it was quite small. Today, three days after application of toothpaste, my pain is gone and the abscess is miniscule. Should be gone in a day :)

So, do not panic. Apply toothpaste. Keep the area clean. Make sure area is dry (what I've read). What I didn't do but should have is applied baby powder as I irritated the surrounding skin with constant application.

Thank you!!!

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This did work for me , I noticed major differnce in the very annoying abcess however I do NOT recommend this to anyone yes it did work for the abcess but it burned the kid around it causing blisters. This is and was far more painful to deal with then the blister. The blister was more annoying then painful do not do this !!!


Sorry auto correct I ment to say **** this did work for me I noticed a differnce in the abcess in the first day of using the tooth paste however I do not recommend using the tooth paste it Burnt the surrounding skin and caused blisters that are very painful. I would of much rather delt with the abcess pain then the burnt skin

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