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Okay, so I'm not here to tout any remedy because none of them that I tried worked. I went through all the ones I could try at 1:30 AM in the last half hour without pharmaceutical supplies, and I got no relief. Clove oil didn't work, onion didn't work, none of the tooth paste brands recommended worked, Listerine gave me exactly 37 seconds of relief before the pain came back, vanilla was a bust, green tea didn't work, tea bags didn't work, both vinegar and apple cider vinegar didn't work, salt water didn't work, gum didn't work, ice cold water was horrible and shocked half my jaw, no tablet has helped in the last NINE DAYS and my additional crying from lack of food, sleep, and extreme pain isn't helping.

I'm a teen and school starts in T-minus six hours, and I can't sleep with this pain. I have a pack of grated frozen coconut on my face which hurts my face despite being swaddled in cloth, and I hope it numbs my jaw enough that I won't feel my tooth at all. So wish me goodluck at ignoring the gaping hole that is 1/3 of my right molar.


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Sarah Tortorella

Ok i have an exposed nerve as well. So far best relief is one Tylenol tablet and one advil (can any brand of both) it helps amazingly. Rinse your mouth out when you can with Listerine. The stores also have a mouthwash that has peroxide init and helps as well this combo helps for almost eight to twelve hours. I say this for u am able to sleep through the night then some through work until about one pm. When the pain starts is when i start the mouth wash routine


SOS!!! 26 and my wisdom teeth have just decided to make their grand entrance...considering my teeth are all present my wisdom teeth specifically the bottoms are trying so hard to make space that not only are killing me to cut threw my gums but they are shifting my teeth which is at times almost unbearable..they are literally loosening my teeth and I'm in extreme pain! I've tried every brand of toothache pain reliever that stores offer the pain is even outweighing the pain meds I'm constantly taking trying to get relief! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP


My Tooth Pain Is Extremely Unbearable I Can't Even Sleep Sitting With A Cold Bottle Water On My Cheek Its A Big Hole In My Back Tooth I Tried Everything Can Someone Help Please.


Take fresh garlic cloves and crush it a little and pack it on the tooth then swish with warm water. The garlic will tingle but you'll feel some relief in about 2 minutes


Wowww going through the same experience at the moment :( really sucks especially the no sleep part. Literally I wake up crazy hours of the morning because I have that damn feeling in my jaw then leads to my eyes and then my whole face feels like it's throbbing and it's extremely painful!! I don't sleep because the pain keeps me up, I have pain killers at least 3 a day and I can't afford to go to the dentist because it cost thousands to get it extracted. So painful can't bare it anymore I'm gonna have to risk it and just get it taken out, even if that means I go without food for awhile anything to get rid of the pain.


Something that worked for me was to take a zinc supplement. 25-50mg or so a day. Your body uses a protein with zinc atoms on it to stop infection. This really put the brakes on my tooth infection. Also, get some hydrogen peroxide (3\\\\\\%), mix 1 part peroxide with 1 part water. Swish this mixture in your mouth for 1-2 minutes and repeat every hour. My infection was hideous, but these measures got it under control. While I didn't try it, some folks on the internet claim to have cured their infection by soaking a cotton ball in peroxide and applying it to the tooth for long periods. BTW, be careful not to swallow it. I've also heard others say that a colloidal silver soak works well, too.

BTW, find another dentist if yours is charging thousands. Mine only charged $150 for an extraction. Sounds like you have a rip-off artist if they're charging that much.




Ok so I have a run of the mill dental insurance and for a root canal on #19 and #20 (bottom left molars) the price will be $180 after insurance payments. Extractions are like 3” bucks after insurance. Most dentists offer free exam and X-rays for uninsured and most will work out a payment plan or accept care credit which is a credit card for medical expenses only so it’s easier to be approved. My credit is like 590 and i was approved for 1200 and got granted an increase to 2500 credit limit. Don’t suffer and don’t listen to exaggerations. It doesn’t cost millions or thousands or even hundreds to remedy a toothache unless u are looking for like cosmetic shit like implants on ur whole mouth. Duh.


Im going to die. This pain is too much to bare. I just cant do it anymore.


Order from Green Pastures (online) X-factor butter and also cod liver oil. Take one capsule of each daily. In about 2 months you’ll notice a remarkable reduction in the pain and the tooth will decay at a much slower rate. Weston Price learned this remedy 80 years ago. Read about him and his work. There are books available about stopping tooth decay. Good luck!

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