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Okay, so I'm not here to tout any remedy because none of them that I tried worked. I went through all the ones I could try at 1:30 AM in the last half hour without pharmaceutical supplies, and I got no relief. Clove oil didn't work, onion didn't work, none of the tooth paste brands recommended worked, Listerine gave me exactly 37 seconds of relief before the pain came back, vanilla was a bust, green tea didn't work, tea bags didn't work, both vinegar and apple cider vinegar didn't work, salt water didn't work, gum didn't work, ice cold water was horrible and shocked half my jaw, no tablet has helped in the last NINE DAYS and my additional crying from lack of food, sleep, and extreme pain isn't helping.

I'm a teen and school starts in T-minus six hours, and I can't sleep with this pain. I have a pack of grated frozen coconut on my face which hurts my face despite being swaddled in cloth, and I hope it numbs my jaw enough that I won't feel my tooth at all. So wish me goodluck at ignoring the gaping hole that is 1/3 of my right molar.


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I am in the same boat.. but pregnant and the only thing I can take is tylenol.. nothing works.. I don't know what to do. The dentist doesn't want to do anything because I'm six months along.. grrrr


Oil pulling is good for toothache. mix a little clove oil with coconut oil.


I have been able to crush cloves and put that on my tooth/ gums. It takes a bit of practice getting it in but it numbs prettty well


for me, oil pulling for 30 minutes and definitely tylenol 90 minutes before bed so the pain doesnt set in for all night when i lay my head down. But every time that I aggravate the nerve, I had black pepper at some point that day. Sometimes soft toothbrush lifts speck of pepper out. sometimes a gritty swish like saltwater will do it and I'll get instant relief. But I usually end up with tylenol

Mike trop

I am in the same boat.. but pregnant and the only thing I can take is tylenol.. nothing works.. I don't know what to do. The dentist doesn't want to do anything because I'm six months along.


Swishing a TBSP of coconut oil is working for me. Had a bad ache last week and it intensified with the oil for first 5 minutes but was a non issue for almost a week before some sugary food got stuck inside the tooth. Don't spit the oil in the sink, though. Instant clog, but don't swallow it either.

Also noticed that mouthwash with alcohol in it doesn't help.


Sounds crazy but I swear it works: grab a sanitized needle or something like it ( I used a thumbtack ) and get Advil liquid gels..poke a hole in the Advil and squeeze the liquid on and around the tooth/teeth and gums that are hurting you. It tastes gross for a min and kinda gives the burning sensation but the pain relief will last ALL day (unless you try to bite something hard. I am waiting to go back to the dentist and I lost a filling and literally cannot eat or anything, but when my wisdom teeth were coming in and pushing my bottom teeth over it instantly numbed the pain and has helped better than anything else I have tried with my current tooth pain!


I have a hole in my tooth, and I am pretty sure an exposed nerve.. I have found that a Goodys Headache powder helps the best for when it gets irritated..or sometimes oragel right in the hole! this will have to work until I can afford to go to the Dentist. I know he is going to want to do a root canal.. and even with insurance.. still like 500 smackaroos.. hope everyone gets some relief.. prayers.

Mathew Garrit Seaby

I've tryed them all with no help at all. Just try this...Cheap arse Renmano port at room temperature and cones. Usually works for me. I need to see a dentist to get 4 or 5 teeth removed. Weed works wonders. 30 min after 3 cones and 3 drink,middy pain dropped off by 50\% at least. 45min pain almost gone hay, no more drinks or cones. I can sleep easily now. Try it, it fukn works.


Try Colgate toothpaste the one for bacterial. Sensitivity and enamel strength

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