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I have a giant hole in my back molar, but I can barely pay rent let alone afford any kind of dental care. But the pain is so unbearable, its given me skull crushing migraines (which has been going on a few days now). The root is exposed and I need some pain relief that wont break the bank. Baking soda + Salt infused water relieves the pain for about 2 minutes at a time but I need something that will help a little longer than that.

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100\\\\\\\\% pure clove oil from Sprouts or whole food store just ask for clove essential oil apply with a tip or cotton ball a drop


Same thing here but clove oil is the only thing that seems to help me. It suppose to kill the nerve. You can get it from pharmacy in Walmart.


Try Colgate toothpaste the one for bacterial sensitivity and enamel strength


Go to a local dental school and ask for free treatment!!! They will often do an emergency visit!


Mine is exposed on my upper wisdom tooth and the word pain doesn't describe the pain. I went to cvs and bought a toothache kit that came with clove oil and filling repair puddy. I rinsed my mouth out with listerine really well, then soaked the cotton pellet in clove oil and set it in my tooth for 1 minutes. Then filled the hole with the temp tooth filling. I was finally able to sleep for the first time throughout the night in 4 days. And woke up and could actually eat!


FINALLY!!! found relief some damn relief...Whew!!!

Got a hole from a cavity right in front on my canine tooth deep enough that it's apparently exposing the nerve...

So after hours of agony and constantly rinsing my mouth with cold water (I know, but strangely, that's what was helping) I grabbed some of my Toms sensitive toothpaste and just plugged the hole up with some toothpaste... RELIEF!

Hope that can help someone in need of a quick fix to eliminate the agony... Toothaches suck man, feel for yas! Btw, Clove oil seems to work best for numbing compared to anything else too, but when the nerve is exposed... plug the hole or smear tooth until covered with "sensitive" toothpaste if available. Now thankfully I can get a good sleep, Good Luck friends!


Read up on how poisonous iodine is. ? And then put a bit on the root. Hurts like Wow. ! ! ! But just for a second and then the nerve is dead.


Wonder how long this post will last on here. This is an old Southern remedy.

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