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Anonymous Cali kid

Hey everyone, posting to give an update on my situation. So after several weeks of waiting around to be seen by a specialist, I finally got called in on April 28th. The specialist took a look at the swelling around my anus and felt around inside using a glove and some gel. Afterwards he informed me that my particular swelling wasn't that big; he told me that I should not consider surgery because the risk of incontinence, infection, and recurrence outweighs my current state. I was taken by surprise because I was sure I was going to need surgery--the first doctor that I went to had told me it was a matter of surgery. This new doctor told me that fistulas heal on their own in about 30\\% of patients within 6 months. Therefore, he told me that I should give my body the benefit of the doubt in healing itself before I decide to go for surgery. So now I am very confused, and worried, because I have read that you should not leave fistulas untreated for risk of complications. I am waiting to be referred to another specialist so that I can get a second opinion. I wish I could put this behind me already, my heart goes out to anyone battling this infection.

I should note that I am still using Oregano Oil and that has helped with the swelling and pain. I just ordered some silicea cell salts because I have heard great testimonies on their impact against boils, pimples, and abscesses. The pills should get here on May 5th; I will document my success with the pills.

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Mama with perianal abcess


Thank you for posting your experience.

I am also currently battling a perianal absecess and is currently still external and not a fistula. My specialist said it is caused by my second degree hemorroid which I developed when I got pregnant. I delivered last March and finally was able to bend and see that i had this small lump with puss, like a pimple about to pop out. The specialist gave me an antibiotic cream as I cant take the oral antibiotic as I am breastfeeding my newborn.

I am very scared that this may become a fistula as the absecess keeps on recurring (it was drained twice by the specialist, 2nd visit she said it improved and only had a little puss when squeezed)

When the abscess gets squeezed by the doctor the lump flatens immediately, unfortunately the sweeling comes back the following day!

It also becomes really itchy and a bit paintful after pooping.

I really dont know what to do anymore as i cant take any oral medication as i am breastfeeding and this lump is driving me nots.

Anonymous Cali kid

+Mama with perianal abscess

Hello, I apologize for the delay, i tend to get on this thread about every 2 weeks. Anyways, I feel for you going through this--it is an extremely debilitating condition. If it keeps on recurring it sounds like it has developed into a fistula, fistulas keep feeding the abscess which causes it to get inflamed.

The fact that you are breastfeeding puts you in a tough situation because even natural antibiotics are not to be taken if pregnant or breastfeeding. I would seriously encourage you to consider switching to a bottle to feed your baby, this would give you some time to try some natural alternatives. Natural alternatives are great because they don't cause side effects.

At this point, I have adopted various different habits including eating healthier, reducing sugar intake, water diet, oregano oil applied to the abscess, lemon water in the morning, turmeric consumed with milk, fruit/vegetable smoothies, vitamins, and the latest addition to my diet "Silicia pills". I don't know what all this is doing to the fistula internally, but externally it has managed my pain relatively well and kept the swelling to a minimum. All I want now is to be pain free, the pain was sucking the joy out of my life.


Hi,didi anyone noticed stool coming out from an anal abscess after BM?


OM, I wish there was some way of someone who went thru this and I coluld talk to RIGHT NOW!! I am soaking in some epsom salt and baking soda as I text. I have already did tea tree oil, sliced potato, apple cider vinegar, which burned so bad and left a little blood but then scabbed, tried the turmeric, tea tree oil with coconut oil that burned so bad on the small opening I had to jump in the shower and hose my butt off!!!!! This abscess is right by my anus and I try to keep it dry and with all this, there is a small opening and I can see white stuff on the inside but it won't burst! I'm not putting anymore tea tree paste cuz it burned the opening so bad I could have screamed!! What now? I just want this dreadful thing to go AWAY and I'm deathly afraid to have it lanced open . I only have white onion and don't even know if I should chance burning my ass off again! It has a small slit in it, probably from apple cider vinegar and the rubbing of tea tree oil and I am already a chronic pain patient from 13 back surgeries and several knee jobs so I can take a lot of pain but this is crazy! What else can I do to get rid of this???

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