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I have tried everything. EVERYTHING. And this god forsaken tooth is still killing me. Every remedy I've found does not work. The only one that works temporarily, and by temporarily I mean 30 seconds, is shwooshing cold water. I've never been in more pain in my whole life. I'm on antibiotics now and I'm taking pain killers but nothing is helping at all. SOS, folks.

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suliat raji

what is shwooshing and how did you used it


you might have a sinus infection... heat is better than ice. do you have the ability to go to an ER?


Go buy DenTek Temparin Max, it's about $3 @ Wal-Mart. Put the product over a broken tooth. It's the only thing I've ever had give any relief. Good luck.


Omg I had the same thing a year ago, I know what your talking about I had such severe toothache on my #30 tooth I mean it was was so bad nothing helped and lasted for a week str8 before subsiding with antibiotics... the ONLY THING that helped was cold water or soon as the cold hit the tooth I felt immediate relief and then boom as soon as it raised in temp it was so effing unbearable I will never forget, once it healed up I ignored it and now it's back but not as bad, I have an appointment to get it pulled and cannot wait.. I highly advise to get it pulled....toothe ache pain is the worst pain imo, also canker sore liquid helps bring it from a 10 down to a 5-6 and with ibuprofen I'm able to sleep 4 hours until ibuprofen wears off


I use hot towel and I turn my tylonel into liquid with a inch of water


I literally spend about 3 hours swooshing water over my gum and tooth last night and suddenly it started to go! I think something came out of my tooth then! If the pain is excruciating it's eithe a piece of food etc stuck in there or an abcess ! An abcess is an infection so the only way to get rid of that is antibiotics but you'll probably have to go to the dentist eventually the same as all of us ????

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