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crushed aspiring 323 mg or higher uncoated but if u can't find then the coated on. Crushed about 40 and then add one teaspoon apple cider vinager and then teaspoon of castor oil. It works cus aspiring is salycid accid that is used in creams. Put the paste at night time and cover the warts. I had the coliflowers types at the top on my vagina and the entrance of my vagina plus more flat around my clit area. Disgustin. I took about 4 application but from the day one you can see the warts shirveled and turn dark and comesoff. Do not soap and water the area just water and clean your anus but dont touch. The paste will stick to them and turn then white and then dark and crumble. Keep putting paste and night time for the third day bacuse the new skin is coming out. so there will be some bleeding since the warts are detaching. I tried teatree oil did not work, castor oil with baking soda did not work. and the painful ACV it hurts too much. About the pasted is better to make smaller batch like 20 aspiring and kind of make a paste with castor oil. It still work and thankfull I found the recipe on line.

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Ive been using 2-3 drops of tea tree oil mixed into a small amount of organic, unrefined coconut oil. I take a Qtip, soak it, and rub it on the affected area. I've been doing it for 3-4 nights now, and the warts are falling off. It doesn't hurt and the tea tree oil feels great when mixed with the coconut oil. I sleep with it on (how ever long it lasts through the night before it rubs off with movement) and I only do it once at night. The area is of course, is a bit sore because the warts are dropping off, but otherwise, it's been painless and soothing. I also said a prayer for their removal as well if that helped. I got the only one I had burned off with acid and it returned with friends, so I'm thrilled this is working.

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