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After suffering from terrible discharge and vaginal odor for over 10 years, I've tried almost everything for treating my BV. I was never diagnosed with BV, but I read an article about a year ago from a women who had the same symptoms as me: fishy odor, constant abnormal discharge, and irritation. I immediately decided I was suffering from the same issue, even though my GYN had once told me that discharge was normal. Instead of going to the doctor, I decided to do my own research as I had read that doctors often misdiagnose BV and try to give you antibiotics that just nuke everything down there and then the BV just comes back. In the article, the woman had mentioned using probiotics as a way to prevent BV, because they bring good bacteria backt to the vagina. I decided to try a few different probiotics and a lot of them didn't work. Then I did some more research and found at that it is very important to take a probiotic designed specifically for vaginal and urinary tract health because they have different criteria. So I found this probiotic ReFlora by Naturella Made and took it for a whole month before I started to see a HUGE difference. My discharge completely stopped and the odor was gone. I also tweaked a few things in my routine to keep my balance of good and bad bacteria healthy. Some of the other things I did was to eat more yogurt and wear moitsture wicking panties, I also drank lots of water and used pH balancing products for things like soaps and tampons. To be clear, I've done a lot of this in the past, but it didn't help until I introduced the probiotics. Most important thing to look for in probiotic is rhamnosus and reuteri as well as a lot of cultures at least 25Billion. This is the probiotic I taek and I highly recommend it:

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