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I had a small abscess for a week or so and I used the turmeric powder/coconut oil/tea tree oil/baking powder remedy and it worked. It took about a week. I used small gauze and placed it over the abscess with a bit of toilet paper for added protection.

I did this every morning, and every evening when I went to bed. I didn't notice any change for a couple of days then I noticed it getting a bit smaller. I stopped using the remedy for a day and I noticed it getting bigger again so I continued for about three more days until it was about 1/2 the original size. I stopped using the home remedy at that point and it's continued to get smaller.

Be forwarned! This remedy is very messy and can permanently discolor your sheets, underware and wash cloths. It gets all over your fingers and stains them to the point where you have to wash your hands very thoroughly for about 2 minutes to get the yellow stain off your fingers. It also smells horrible. I've hated tee tree oil smell for years when I my dad used it on his head. YUCK!

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I WANT TO THANK THE PEOPLE ON THIS SITE WHO RECOMMENDED THE TURMERIC COCONUT OIL AND baking soda all about the same portion works great I was scared I would have to have surgery,, NOPE!!!:):):) YOU GUYS LITERALLLY SAVED MY ASS!!:):) SO TO SPEAK THANK YOU


How much of each do u use?


I'm trying the mixture but is it suppose to burn?


Can you share the mixture amounts please


I have been using this mixture since three days and nothing seems to happen. What can be the reason? How much time it takes for changes to happen with this mixture ?

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