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Mr. Mint

The problem with self-banding at home is that often the use of a small rubber band or dental floss can not easily be placed onto the Anal Tag and is not tight enough. A small rubber band doubled or tripled will often slip down the flesh and not stay in the correct position. Dental floss can soften with moisture and come untied. After a couple painful failures, I have found the perfect solution. You want to use a small O-ring designed for plumbing and the lower half of an older "click style" ball point pen. The O-ring I used came from a "True Value" hardware store and measures 1/4" outer diameter and 3/16" inner diameter. Danco Inc. STK NO 35775B with UPC code 0-3715535775-8. Unscrew the ballpoint pen at it's center to utilize the pen's lower half as an applicator. Place the O-ring onto the small end of the pen body where the tip of the refill would normally protrude. Slide or roll the O-ring to the opposite end of the pen tube to expand it to 3/8" diameter, positioning it right on the edge of the applicator opening. If there is a threaded section, cut it off with a hack saw and file smooth. If the Anal Tag is larger than 3/8" diameter, continue to slide or roll the O-ring onto a larger diameter cylinder such as the end cap from a different style pen. Once the expanded O-ring is positioned on the end of a properly sized cylinder, place it over the Tag and slide it all the way down to the base of the Tag. Finally, roll or slide the O-ring off the applicator and onto the base of the Tag. You will feel a sharp pinching sensation followed later by a burning sensation. This is normal as the blood supply to the Tag has been cut off. For me, the pain level had reached an 8 out of 10 so I took a 325-5 Hydroncodon tablet left over from an old prescription. If you don't have an Opioid, Tylenol can be used but avoid blood thinners like Aspirin or Advil as there will be some minor bleeding. An hour later, my pain level dropped to zero and then 6 hours later, it slowly returned but was only a level 2. By the next day, there was no pain at all and the Anal Tag had turned purple. Normally, this strangulation method causes the Tag to fall off in 5 to 7 days.

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