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Try to use panty liner and put it between of your butt faces, I know its kinda awkward and weird to do that, but i think thats the best way to keep your ass dry all day!

i have also anal warts and i do continue doin that with balance diet and applying ACV hope that it deals with it

ill post the next day for the result, thanks for this site!

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What is acv


Please post an update


Take a oatmeal bath with warm water.

Use apple cider vinegar. Acv

Salicylic Acid

Stop all soft drinks.

Eat healthy nutritious food & quit junk food.

Don't smoke.

Look at hpv forums or genital warts forums online for extra help.

Talk to people that work in health food stores.

Try duct tape.

Try the inside of a banana peel.

Try prayer or meditation.

Go to a dermatologist.

Research at the library.

Google home remedies for genital warts or hpv.

Drink green smoothies.

Use condoms and limit sex partners.

Avoid drugs.




Use 100\\% TCA on visible HPV warts carefully using precision Q-tip almost every night.

Do not get it on healthy skin. Let it dry.

Doctors will not be able to put it on as well as you can or as often.

It will hurt but external warts will fall off.

Crouch over magnifine glass+light to view your anus. Use paper towel in between anus everyday.

When warts are gone, do not have sex for one year.

Get an anoscopy after warts are gone or colonoscopy.

Don't get it when warts are still there or some idiot doctors might push the virus further up your anus.

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