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Swish with a mixture of 1/2 cap full of warm water, a "pinch" of salt and a cap full of Listerine for 2 minutes. Repeat as needed.

I've had a bad tooth that's needed to be pulled for quite awhile now but can't afford it. I have no idea why this works, but this is the only remedy that works every time. It also works for clearing clogged sinuses.

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That sounds like a margarita!!!


I'm trying it now . When I cantry get to the dentist I try to find something at home to take the pain away .



I'm in pain, too, at this minute. The dentist can't see me until Monday, I've been suffering since last week. My tooth broke off quite a while ago. So I thought it was dead. Guess not. lol. I've been trying quite a few things, and alternating them: warm salt water, Listerine ZERO (that's the one that works), Tylenol, Advil, Aleve. Usually a combo of at least 2, bourbon held on the tooth, AND something not mentioned thus far (don't think) Chloraseptic (for sir throat) has an analgesic/antiseptic in it. I haven't tried oil of clove, yet. I have it, and I'm going to. But I have shaky hands and the broken tooth is close to my gum line. And I read something here about something else. I'll have to see if hubby can find it. Ok, anything else, tell me, I need all the help I can get. Lol. I have to laugh. I've already cried. And I'll go nuts otherwise. Lori


Does this really work, I have taken ibuprophen and a tramadol, no relief, it actually feels worse.

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