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I finally found a severe tooth pain remedy that is an answer to prayer (St. Appolonia, for any of you Catholic "kids," like me, is a good patron saint.) You need to understand that my poor mouth/jaw is basically a toxic waste dump, despite all of the money my parents and I have sunk into them. To give you an idea here of what we're talking about, the second night of my honeymoon was ruined, with the bride (me) laying with a hot pad on her face , gently mouthing these tender words to my dear groom, "OH NO ! ! ! MY MOUTH ..." Well, that was 10 (!) years ago. WHAT I AM USING to QUELL the AGONY of SEVERAL BROKEN, FALLEN-OUT, CARRIES-LADEN teeth, plus infected, inflamed, weeping, jaws : GENUINE VANILLA LACED COTTON BALLS. (Fake vanilla won't work.) I HAVE an appt. next month at the oral surgeon's to have them ALL yanked, and replaced with DENTIRES. AMEN ! ! ! Bless you, and good luck.( I think you have to change the vanilla "ball," around every couple of hours. Salt H2O, H2O2, baking soda, Benzocaine, teething remedy, Tylenol, even oral pain meds, did NOTHING for me. )

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