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Anonymous Cali kid

Hello to everyone reading this, I am posting to give an update on my situation. So previously I had emphasized that I was going to try the Turmeric+coconut oil+tea tree oil. I didn't end up trying that paste, Instead I stuck with the Oregano Oil by itself. My anal swelling began on a Tuesday, and by Monday of the following week the swelling had gone down significantly. I attribute my success treating it to the Oregano Oil because that is the only thing I used; I applied Oregano Oil with a swab 2-3 times a day for 6 days straight. On Monday, I went to the clinic to get it checked out and I had noticed that it didn't look that bad anymore. When the doctor came in to have a look at it she told me that it looked like it was already draining, then she said that it looked like more of a hemorrhoid than an abscess.

So after that, the doctor told me that she had to perform an anoctopy (this procedure involves them shoving something up your anus to inspect the inside, and yes it was very uncomfortable). Little did I know my problem was more serious than just an abscess or a hemorrhoid. The doctor informed me that it looked like I had a fistula, a tunnel that develops with puss that keeps feeding the swelling. This was terrible news as she informed me that fistulas require surgical operation in order to clean out the infection. She put me on antibiotics which I have been on for the past 2 days and I am now waiting to be sent to a specialist who will operate on me.

So as I write this I am waiting to have surgery, and as you can imagine I am terrified. Not only is this my first time experiencing something of this nature, but it will be my first surgery ever. I'll be going to the hospital where I will have studies done on me and we are going to take it from there. I am devastated about this all, but at this point I am hoping it is not anything worse.

I realize that there are not a whole lot of detailed experiences about the actual surgery itself, so god willing everything goes good, I will come back and post my experience with the surgery. It is very frightening to think about recurrences of fistulas after surgery so I am praying it is a one and done procedure.

My advice to anyone reading this is this: Go to the doctor, get your swelling looked at by a professional because home remedies are only going to treat the infection from the outside. Granted, some home remedies do a good job at treating the infection from the outside but they don't kill the root of the problem. Just go to the doctor to prevent it from becoming a more serious infection. The swelling around my anus has gone down tremendously with the Oregano Oil but at the same time these past few nights I have been waking up in cold sweats and shivers meaning the infection is still in there.

It has been a terrible experience battling this thing thus far, and its extremely embarrassing so I feel for anybody going through this. Communicate with your loved ones so you don't deal with this alone and I wish everybody success in overcoming this.

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