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Leah L

After reading on here about skin tag removal I thought I'm doing it!! I've had this for years but I am sure it's grown as now it's a lot more noticeable and I'm so concious of it! I read about someone using the tag-band kit. So I got one. The tag it quite large but there's a part of it that is sort of pointed off which is the bit I'm on edge about when doing certain things. So I figured even if I just get that part off it will look miles better! Anyway I put the band on yesterday and I could only get t to sit around half way down the tag. All these reviews about excruciating pain you have definitely banded round a nerve! Cause for me I had mild pain I put it on around mid day and kept checking it, it went pale, then by the end of the day purple. It did hurt a bit last night but I had some paracetamol and went to bed. I woke up at around 3ish for the loo and had a quick look at it. It was a really dark red. Not quite black yet. I reckon if it doesn't fall off today it probably will tomorrow. No pain whatsoever now either! Was expecting it to really hurt today. Anyone thinking of doing it I would definitely recommend it. Kit is off amazon was £15

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Hoping to hear a follow up from you. I've been wanting to try this but I'm too chicken. Did it fall off and how long did it take?


hi! this is my 2 day using thread ligation. coulndt get enough sleep because the pain would wake me up, plus my period also came that night! couldn't take the floss off be cause i tied it to well. i decided that i will just snip the tag off tomorrow to end all these agony! this morning, it still hurt but i was able to clean it and went to church wearing jeans! there was some pain and discomfort but tolerable! i went to wallgreens to buy Recticare coz it contained lidocaine 5\\\\\\\%. but the walgreens brand instead which is a little cheaper than recticare! i applied it when i got home! boy!!! what a relief!!! as if nothing is throbbing underneath! i applied another amount of the cream to make sure it it numbed enough when i cut it. i chicken out in cutting it! its been 5 hours and i still feel nothing under. i will clean it later and apply the cream so i can put another floss to ligate it even more! i strongly advice u get the recticare cream!!!

Leah L

It has gone and only took a day! I was happy with half of it gone but now I know it works I had a bit left that had sort of split into 2. So I've just put tags on both of them. Will keep you updated.

I wouldn't recommend using thread Annie's tag as it cuts into the skin maybe that's why your finding it so painful. Whereas this on I have does not cut into the skin so less pain although it does hurt but not as much as I expected

Annies Tag

i didnt cut mine yet.. still chicken in doing it. been applying the lidocaine cream to help ease the pain. day 3 and i noticed that the small one (mine split in 2 also from first attempt) has gotten smaller. hoping it'll fall off soon! please God!

Leah L

Just a follow up mine has completely gone now. Can't believe it as I had a bit that sort of split into 2 that was left in very bit it's just disappeared. Best thing I've ever done and it was done so quickly!


I think I have internal ones, I want to order tag bands and use this method can you please suggest what to do ?and what products I should use for pain, sterilize and after fall off the skin,please reply ,TIA

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