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Anonymous Cali kid

Hello everyone; just recently i noticed some swelling near my anus and originally I dismissed it as a small pimple. However, the next day when I inspected the area I noticed it was swollen red and painful to the touch. I immediately freaked out not knowing what it was, the worst thoughts surfaced to my head and I began researching the symptoms. The symptoms that I read about pointed to it being an anal abscess :( I began treating it with some oregano oil that I have in my house; oregano oil is said to be anti bacterial, anti viral and anti inflammatory due to the substances it has (carvacrol and thymol). I applied it that night and went to bed, keep in mind that this burned for a good 10 minutes. The next morning I noticed that the swelling had gone down and the pain had subsided, but the swelling remained. It is now day five and I have been doing 2-3 applications of Oregano oil as well as taking it sublingually. In addition I am drinking a lot of water, drinking 3 fruit and vegetable smoothies a day and taking vitamins along with garlic pills. I feel that the Oregano Oil helps to an extent but it is not getting rid of the problem.

I came across this website and read some encouraging testimonials about home remedies. Everyone on here is saying that Turmeric, tea tree oil and coconut oil mixed into a paste works to get rid of the abscess. I truly wish that the testimonials on here are honest because victims like myself put our faith on this information. I dread the idea of having surgery in such a delicate area especially considering that 50\\% of the time the abscess returns :/.

Please, anyone who's tried this remedy, does it hurt when the abscess bursts? and what do i do once it bursts? I appreciate your feedback. I am going to try this remedy and pray to god it works. I will come back to post my experience.

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