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heyy. okay, im 14 years old. & i have had a wart for like 890435 years. more like 2 years. anyway, im in 9th grade and its quite embarrasing. so, my mother has like nothing in our food cabinet, so i figured i would try like VINEGAR. more like, APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. something about it told me it would work. well, it did. AHHHHHH yay. ! =] i was so frikken happpy. all you do is apply it on your skin with a cotton ball & cover it with duct tape. do it every night for like 634623445 nights! no, more like 1 week. it should turn white and into a scab, and come off. i promise. :]

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One of the greatest cures yet. I knew about it for years. Works on just about any kind of wart.

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