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I'm 37 weeks pregnant into the third trimester and have dealt with 4 abscesses in the same spot for a month and a half!

They are going to be the death of me if it happens again!

1st time I went to the ER and got antibiotics and did sitsz bath. Upon reading this article about turmeric I tried the paste. Yes I thought it worked for it. I learned it did not and that's why it kept coming back because it wasn't properly healed.

Yesterday was my 4th boil and I was in excruciating pain. So much that my hubby had forced me to go to the ER and this time I knew I was going to get cut open which was my biggest fear because they can't do much for a pregnant lady and pain. At this time the boils head was greenish and had everyone scared for me and the baby.

Sure enough once I got there they had freezed me, opened me up, cleaned and sterilized, and froze a second time for the way home! It was just as much pain as the abscess itself or worse! But it was totally worth it. Instant relief after the procedure, when the freezing wore off I could feel it but I was no longer in pain. I can sit, stand and lay down like normal again! So for the amount of pain of getting it cut open was worth it.. I now feel bad for the DR and nurse because I was screaming so bad. The dr said because I had put this turmeric stuff on it plus tea tree oil, coconut oil and baking soda is the sole reason why it kept coming back and getting worse. It created a barrier so it would pop and just irritated the skin around it. She also told me to never let it get that bad but it was only over the course of 3 days? It looked like the size of a dime on the outside but apparently it was the size of a golf ball on the inside. She also pulled out a blood clot which would have not been good if I didn't get the procedure done. I highly suggest to go see a DR ASAP if you're reading this and are in so much pain you'll do anything to have it stop.

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